About Service

Advantages of using Customized E-mail.
Discover why you would like to use Personalized service.


Easy To Remember
Your name@surname.com address will be easier to remember and recall for your family members, friends and partners. For business it is just another advantage for your company to get remembered by your customers.


"3 in 1" Accessibility
"3 in 1" inludes all up to date options of accessibility:
1. POP3 will provide stable connection between your email client, even with your free email box.
2. IMAP4 function is more sophisticated than POP3 and will provide Real Time control over your address.
3. You will still be able to connect your inbox through WebMail interface like before.

No ads

No Ads
Free email accounts include ads of the service provider, sometimes by also including ads in outgoing mails. Indifferent from Free emails neither your messages nor Webmail page will contain any advertisements.

Easy access

Easy to access
With your Customized E-mail you will be able to access to your inbox also from PDA, Smartphone or any other mobile devices just in 1 click.


Catch All!
With "Catch all" function you will receive all mails sent to you even if your name was misprinted.


More advantages:
No More Occupied Accounts

You will never worry about your favourite and already occupied names/logins by others.

No Loose

No More Loosing Accounts
Even if you forget to login to your account for several years, the email address will not get deleted because of Inactivity.

Short user

Short Username
Personalized E-mail gives you an opportunity to register username up to 1 character.