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Composition Contest

The 7th Composition Contest 2014 ended up.
This page will remain till the next Contest starts.

This years Composition Contest has been ended up.

It has been held between November 25 - December 24, 2014.
Thank you for your interest.


What is the International Composition Contest?
-It's the contest held by BSequn since 2008, on which participants listen to composition and find out the composer.

For whom is the Contest?
-Mainly the audience of the Contest is listeners of New Age, Chillout music. However, everyone is welcome to take part in it.

What is the main purpose of the Contest?
-Purpose of the Contest is to find out beautiful masterpieces which could be left unheard by many people and bring it to them.

Is it easy to participate in the Contest?
-Yes, absolutely. All you need to do is just listen to the music and to send the name of the author.

Should I make a payment to participate?
-No, it's free.

How will I receive my Prize?
-It will be shipped to the address provided by you at no cost.

When does the Contest occur?
-The Composition Contest holds on once every year. There is no exact date for the Contest. So check out our website frequently to not miss it.

Who are eligible for the Contest?
-Eligible participants are at least 16 years old and are residents of Eligible Countries. The list of Eligible countries consists of more than 140 countries and is published every year during the Contest.

*Terms and Conditions may apply.